About the authors


Gefion Thuermer

Gefion is a Research Fellow in the Web and Internet Science group at the University of Southampton. She works on the Data Pitch project, where she is responsible for producing reports about the key lessons learned from the experience of data sharing. She gained her PhD in Web Science with a thesis about the effects of the introduction of online participation processes in the Green Party Germany.

Johanna Walker

Johanna is a Senior Research Assistant at the University of Southampton and works on the Horizon 2020 Data Pitch, Interreg 2Seas Smart City Innovation Framework Implementation and European Data Portal projects. In her role in Data Pitch she led the negotiation of data sharing agreements and managed the governance arrangements. Along with Elena Simperl she authored a report on alternative models for data trusts to support the AI industry for the Office of AI. Johanna holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School. Her PhD thesis is on the intersection of innovation, open data and data sharing.

Elena Simperl

Elena is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton. She is a Director of the Web Science Institute, Director of the Southampton Data Science Academy and a Turing University Lead. She has led a number of influential AI and data sharing projects, including Data Pitch, QROWD, Data Stories and Data Market Services.