German data anonymisation company Statice, one of the startups in the new Data Pitch cohort, has been awarded seven-figure financing from Capnamic Venture and WestTech Ventures Berlin.

Statice offers companies software which allows them to process and analyse sensitive personal data securely, in compliance with data protection regulations.

The announcement comes as the Berlin-based venture begins its journey with Data Pitch after successfully pitching an idea for our Privacy and Consent Control Challenge.

Now that data protection is a requirement under GDPR, privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue, and has opened up a space in the market for products and services which enable individuals to have greater control over personal data, whilst at the same time enabling new business models and markets.

Ryan Goodman, Data Pitch Programme Manager, says, “We want to congratulate Statice on securing such a significant investment. The company is working with our accelerator programme over the next six months to develop its solution to guarantee data anonymisation while preserving data quality, structure, and utility, allowing organisations to unlock new insights and accelerate product development. We were impressed by Statice’s proposals in response to our challenge, and we are very much looking forward to working together.”