• Do you want to be part of an exciting and innovative project?
  • Do you want to work with creative startups and international companies, creating data-driven solutions for industry?
  • Would you like to join an exciting community and help new businesses to grow?

If the answer to all – or any – of the above is β€˜yes,’ and you have a small amount of time to spare, then why not get in touch with us about becoming a Data Pitch mentor?

After receiving 142 applications for our Data Pitch challenges, we are busy reviewing the submissions and choosing the best companies to take forward onto the first of our virtual accelerator programmes.

Accessing the right support will be vital to our winners, and mentoring will play a key role in helping them develop their ideas successfully.

Feedback from mentors on a previous initiative, Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE), showed that over 85% who participated would recommend taking part in a mentorship programme to their networks.  Additionally, over 70% found that the match between them and their start-up company was very good or excellent and that the start-ups used their advice and experience.  Over 70% of mentors also reported that they were still in touch with the start-up companies at the time of providing feedback.

We are now actively looking for partners for our February to July 2018 accelerator programme and inviting interested parties to make contact. 

If you feel that you can help we would welcome your expertise in a range of areas including data protection, law, fundraising, marketing, customer acquisition and more. How much time you offer, and how you want to participate will depend on your availability and commitments, but we are happy to discuss.

Please email Ryan on info@datapitch.eu and tell us your areas of interest and specialist knowledge and how you would like to help

Be part of something exciting and get in touch today!