COO Rosann Brandt tells us about IPlytics’ aspirations for Data Pitch and beyond.


Describe your Data Pitch challenge idea


We are developing an innovation graph that sources vast amounts of public data, such as patent documents and research articles. We have developed an entity recognition algorithm to remove uncertainty in patent applicants or affiliations of research articles. This allows us to identify a company’s focus on certain sectors in research and development activities. We plan to use our methods to refine and connect SpazioDati company data with our patent data to identify a company’s corporate relationships, as well as its market focus on certain sectors. We also want to use our data for patents to enrich SpazioDati’s database. By doing this we could provide information on a company’s technological activities that could then be compared with market activities from SpazioDati’s database.


What does the idea set out to achieve?


Combining the IPlytics patent data with SpazioDati company data allows us to create features that will attract new user groups.We plan on targeting potential customers in corporate strategy, merger and strategic procurement divisions. Research groups in these divisions are usually business experts, not technical experts. Our patent data is too technical for these groups to be integrated into their decision-making processes. The integration of company data adds a level of information that will create value for these new potential users. New target groups will increase our customer base and our future recurring revenues.


What makes your idea different or unique?


We have experience in training industry companies, consultants and attorneys to use IP-related data in their analysis and also plan on teaching this in conjunction with integrating new data to build the most comprehensive IP database in the world.


Where did the idea come from?


Markets are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, and billion-dollar decisions are often based on contradictory information. As such, companies spend most of their time searching, filtering and understanding information. IPlytics provides sophisticated insights, into trends and multi-dimensional relationships, to change the direction of decision-making. We believe data could be the new oil for those who harness it correctly.

What excites you about the challenge you applied for?


What excites us most is the possibility of enriching our data with the data provider’s external data, as well as the possibility of having a real impact by adding value to their data in turn.


How did your team meet?


Tim Pohlmann (CEO of IPlytics) and I have known each other for years and in fact, we are running the company as husband and wife. Tim met our CTO Dmitri Gerats in 2012 during a project at the Technical University of Berlin where Dmitri was working for DAI Labor.


What’s the best thing about working with data?


Our team deals with data 24/7 and we are curious to explore new data sets and methods that will allow data speak. Our motivation is to make data as accessible as possible. It’s exciting to give back and help give communities access to refined data sources.


Anything else you want to tell us about your startup and why you do what you do?


We’re looking forward to an exciting 6 months with the Data Pitch team!