“Data has the potential to create huge value for businesses but only a percentage of this is used to fix problems. We bring startups into the mix to take a problem and bring their creative mindset to develop products that are agile and can be tested quickly.” Orsola de Marco, Startup Programme Manager, Open Data Institute Data Pitch was one of the sponsors of the recent ODI Summit, which brought together people from government, business and academia, to discuss all the major data related issues of the day – from ethics to trust and emerging tech to business models. The Data Pitch team were on hand to meet delegates and explain the aims and benefits of the accelerator programme, and to share information about the challenges. Watch our video from the event to hear from Startup Programme manager Orsola de Marco and Project Delivery Manager Ryan Goodman as they explain why Data Pitch is unique and how both large organisations and startups can benefit from collaborating with shared data to solve organisational problems.