Data Pitch will be attending Comtrade Digital Services two-day Mobility Business Hackathon in Berlin on June 9-11 2017.

The aim of the Hackathon is to explore how new business models can revolutionise Mobility Services. Data Pitch will be helping startups unlock the Smart Mobility riddle and envisage the full-blown possibilities that businesses, cities, and innovators could explore, thanks to digital technology.

Comtrade will kick off the Hackathon with an overview of the hottest topics at the crossroads of technology and business, on Friday evening. Presentations on blockchain technology, business model adaptations, and other gear-shifting trends will be followed by an icebreaker party for the participants. Then, on Saturday morning, impromptu teams will start creating innovative solutions for business models in a digital Mobility-as-a-Service ecosystem and will work all through mid-day Sunday.

Orsola De Marco, Head of Startups at the ODI will be joining  Comtrade Digital Services Business Hackathon Jury Panel and mentoring startups over the two days, providing insight and expertise into data-driven solutions for mobility challenges.

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