Renvis tell us about their aspirations for Data Pitch and beyond.

As the manufacturing industry moves towards the ‘smart factory’, manufacturers now have access to a constant stream of data that holds a wealth of business insights. Manufacturers who are able to access such insights will be able to optimise business and manufacturing processes better than ever before, which presents a huge opportunity for startups developing data manufacturing software.

Renvis is a software solution company based in Greece. We spoke to Co-Founder and Managing Director Konstantinos Papapanagiotou about their plans for Data Pitch.

What do you hope to achieve on the Data Pitch accelerator?

Data Pitch is an opportunity to shape a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), while enhancing the experience and skills of our team to help us identify and address new challenges. We want to build a product that can map decision sequences in manufacturing, and can then suggest actions.

What shared data will you work with and how will you use it?

We are working with Greiner Packaging International GmbH (GPI), which manufacture and market plastic packaging solutions for food and non-food industries, as part of the Smart Manufacturing Challenge (harnessing IoT data for tomorrow’s smart factories). The datasets we’re using come from various sources such as environmental monitoring and machine sensors, logs, production, and orders.

We will use the shared datasets for modeling the system architecture, and mapping the decision process. Based on Game Theory, and combined with modern and scientific data processing techniques, objective functions and algorithms, the datasets will help enable effective decision making.

Why do you think it is important for startups to work with large scale data providers?

Large scale data providers like GPI offer a unique opportunity for startups to test their innovations and solve real problems. Startups also can address new challenges that have not even been considered, and the large scale data providers benefit by gaining access to cutting-edge solutions.

What’s the best thing about working with data?

The use of data nowadays has become a challenge by itself and when datasets reveal their true potential, it feels like you have solved a really difficult puzzle!

If you could change one thing about the data ecosystem what would it be?

We want to see more datasets made available that can be used to tackle real-world challenges.