Just Me Technologies tell us about their aspirations for Data Pitch and beyond.

Privacy and control of personal data is increasingly becoming a business concern in the light of recent high-profile cases and the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

French startup Just Me Technologies wants businesses to see GDPR as an opportunity rather than a burden, and to enable transparent relationships between businesses and customers. We spoke to Co-Founder André Moletti about their plans for Data Pitch.

What do you hope to achieve on the Data Pitch accelerator?

Joining the Data Pitch accelerator is a great achievement and it represents a huge opportunity for us! Our objective for the programme is to improve our prototype before completing our product launch. We’re excited to join the community, and to have the support of our fellow startups and the Data Pitch team to help us achieve this.

What shared data will you work with and how will you use it?

We are working with data shared by our beta tester companies, including individual customer profiles, marketing and consent data as part of the Privacy & Consent Control Challenge (creating product and services to ensure privacy and control).

We will use the data to develop the Just Me web-based platform, which helps users to easily access and manage personal data, while supporting companies on their journey towards higher transparency and GDPR compliance.

Why do you think it is important for startups to work with large scale data providers?

Working with large scale data providers is an amazing opportunity for startups to test and improve their products by using real world datasets in a safe environment. Startups can discover insights and practical applications for the data provider, while accelerating their own path towards a scalable and sustainable solution.

What’s the best thing about working with data?

Data is the starting point for everything, and the best friend of fact-checking. Businesses, and startups in particular, usually base their decision-making on assumptions, but only data can confirm if those assumptions are correct or not.

If you could change one thing about the data ecosystem what would it be?

More transparency. Today’s internet is focused on data, but there is an information asymmetry, where companies know everything about their users thanks to all the data they have collected, but users know very little about what companies have on them. If we want the internet to be more sustainable, fair and engaging, we need to rebalance this relationship and have more transparency. By having more transparency, companies are able to build trust with their users.