This toolkit guides users through the question – “What are the critical things to consider when sharing and reusing data for defined innovative purposes under the Project?” Its focus is on ensuring that legal rights in relation to shared data are respected, and legal obligations in respect of such data followed. In particular, information is provided on ways to mitigate the risk of harm befalling data subjects as a consequence of data relating to them being processed in new ways (for secondary purposes).

The legal and privacy toolkit aims to provide an overview of the legal and regulatory framework that applies to data sharing and data reuse, especially in respect of privacy and data protection law obligations.

The toolkit achieves this overview with reference to existing research and guidance that reflect best practices in this field (including from guidelines, checklists, opinions, and recommendations) based on EU standards. To this end, the toolkit takes into consideration relevant features from different legal systems across the EU that restrict the sharing and reuse of datasets, together with associated rights that are raised. It also set out the outline of a methodology to guide participants in the Data Pitch project from different countries through this area in a way that implements a uniform mechanism.

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