Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights

This course focuses on emerging trends in digital culture and online consumer behaviour, data analytics and privacy. Throughout the course, the implications of these developments for both marketers and consumers is examined. Week 1 examines the evolving changes in how consumers behave online and what this means for the organisations they interact with; Week 2 discusses developments in technologies we use and the relationship between “online” and “offline” and Week 3 examines the opportunities and challenges in obtaining value from the vast amounts of social data now generated, at a time when much uncertainty still exists about personal privacy and control of online assets.

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Monetizing your data

This webinar guides potential data sharers through the process of sharing their data for commercial purposes.

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Data Science for Digital Marketing

The course is aimed at management rather than technical or analytic teams. It emphasises a hands-on approach to learning the data skills needed by business managers and executives, covering  a number of techniques and concepts.

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