Becoming a data provider

 How do I work with Data Pitch?

Working together with Data Pitch is straightforward:
  1. Define challenge and select datasets First, we help you define a challenge that you would like explored with your data, or select a dataset that you believe may have substantial value for you.
  2. Data sharing agreement We agree on which datasets will be shared with Data Pitch and how. Our legal team can offer guidance on best practices around data protection and the ethics of data sharing, while our technical team will ensure you are comfortable with the the hosting options.  We sign a contract to formalise our partnership.
  3. Competition Data Pitch organises a Europe-wide competition (‘the call’), reaching out to hundreds of thousands of startups and SMEs, looking for the best ideas on how to solve the challenge you’ve identified.
  4. Shortlisting and interviews Together with you, we shortlist the best ideas and interview the candidates.
  5. Define work plan The selected startups and SMEs join the Data Pitch incubator. Based on your aims, we help them to define tangible outcomes and KPIs for six month projects.
  6. Accelerator Each idea is funded by Data Pitch with up to €100k. Data Pitch also offers successful applicants bespoke technical, business, legal, and marketing support as part of a European accelerator. You receive regular reports to ensure what they produce is truly useful for your organisation.
  7. New opportunities After six months, the companies graduate the incubation programme. You have the opportunity to continue to collaborate with those companies which have shown greatest promise.

What paperwork do we need to sign?

Your agreement to join the Data Pitch innovation programme will be with the Data Pitch consortium, represented by its coordinator, the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. The startup will similarly sign an agreement with Data Pitch, governing what they have to deliver and when, their KPIs, and what they are allowed to do with your data. In addition, you can also define a third non-disclosure agreement for the startup to sign to ensure any related commercial knowledge is held in confidence. We take numerous steps to ensure appropriate legal compliance and protect your rights. We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire that we will review to enable us to put in place the right security, constrictions and licensing to keep your data safe but usable.  

Interested in participating as a Data Provider in our next call 2018/2019?