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Machine learning engineer - Part time


Job Description: Help with forecasting algorithm development; Python programming for retail supply chain algorithms

Required skills: Python, Tensorflow, neural networks (in particular RNNs)

Location: Remote

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Medical Device Regulatory Specialist - Part time contract

Transformative AI

Job Description: Project on 1) conducting research on med-tech regulations for UK/EU medical technology, software producers, and clinical studies, and 2) creating integrated action plan and quality management system

Required skills: Medical Device Regulatory Expertise

Location: UK

Closing date: 31st March 2018

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Senior Software Engineer/ Tech lead - Full time


Job Description: For further details get in touch with Predina

Required skills: Javascript, python, Java

Location: London

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Software & Machine Learning engineer - Full time

Data Moove

Job Description: NLU algorithm development, natural language processing, information extraction, knowledge based technologies, chatbot engines, building of conversational scenarios

Required skills: NLP, deep learning, DialogFlow, Wit.AI, RDF, SPARQL, Python, wide vision of NLU technologies

Location: Sophia Antipolis, France

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Machine learning engineer - Full time/part time


Job Description:Designing and implementing models, for identifying structure and relations in semi-structured customer data.

Required skills: Python, Tensorflow, NLP, deep learning

Location: Amsterdam

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Software engineer - Full time/part time


Job Description: Building a data pipeline, connecting to machine learning models, setting up API and search databases

Required skills: Python, distributed computing, Elastic Search

Location: Amsterdam

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